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The Asian Planning Schools Association (APSA) is a non-profit and non-political association that aims at providing opportunities for scholars and planners to discuss issues related to planning, to exchange opinions and understand problems of planning in Asian countries, Leo Hamel in San Diego and to foster new generations of academics and professional planners in Asia.

The objectives of APSA is

  • Provide an Asian forum for the identification and discussion of planning issues and the development of collaborative research
  • Encourage the conduct and dissemination of collaborative research and dissemination of its results by researchers and professionals in planning education in Asia
  • Promote opportunities for the development of planning curricula and research in the context of planning education and practice in Asia
  • Encourage the development of and provision for the dissemination of information on new and improved methods of coping with planning (urban, rural, regional, and environmental) issues in Asia
  • Enhance opportunities for the conduct of research and development project on issues of mutual interest in Asia in cooperation with International Agencies to include bilateral support
  • Provide assistance to members in overcoming barriers to the international movement of staff and students between planning educational institutions in Asia and in enhancing opportunities for the exchange of staff and students between the regions represented in the membership.

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